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Brow lift is a surgical correction of dropped eyebrows by their elevation to more aesthetically pleasing  position.
This operation is frequently combined with forehead lift or upper eyelids rejuvenation procedures.

Individuals with inferiorly displaced eyebrows resulting in "sad” and “tired" look of their face are potential candidates for this operation.

Brow lift is performed under general or local anesthesia with sedation.

Lateral parts of eyebrows are elevated and suspended on nonabsorbable sutures placed from short (1-2cm) incisions located in hairy part of the scalp.

In some cases brow lifting can be performed in less invasive manner. Suspension sutures are introduced under local anesthesia by special needle and fixed to temporal fascia. This procedure is minimally invasive form of muscle suspension (MIMS) and patient may leave the facility, just after it is completed.

Overnight stay in the facility is not usually required unless brow lift is combined with other rejuvenation procedures such as forehead lift or face lift.

Recovery period after brow lift depends on additional rejuvenation procedures performed although return to non-strenuous activity after brow lift only is on the next day after the surgery. Normal professional activity is reasumed after 1-2 weeks.
Patient’s appearance gradually improves within following 6-8 weeks.
Brow lift rejuvenates operated area by 8-10 years but doesn’t stop normal aging processes.

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