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"Tear trough" deformity is a prominent groove running from medial canthus to the cheek giving “old” and “tired” appearance to infraorbital area. Subcutaneous fat tissue deficit and loosening of local ligaments are main factors responsible for this sign of aging.

Fat grafting replaces its deficit and improves skin quality in infraorbital area. After harvesting from donor sites (i.e. lower abdomen, thighs, back) it is processed in sterile condition and transplanted to "tear trough" deformity. Due to partial absorption of transferred fat, hypercorrection or supplementary grafting may be required to provide long-lasting effect.

“Tear trough” correction with fat grafting is performed in local anesthesia with analgosedation. If it is combined with other face rejuvenation procedures (i.e. lower eyelid blepharoplasty, facelift) general anesthesia is required.

Patients after “tear trough” correction only may go home after 3-6 hours.

Recovery period depends on magnitude of corrected deformity, transferred fat volume and accompanying procedures. Return to normal non-strenuous activity is possible after 2-3 days. Edema and bruises resolve after 2-3 weeks. Final aesthetic result is evaluated after 6 months.

Significant weight fluctuances may change aesthetic result of this procedure. Although results of fat grafting is longer (up to 2 years) than standard fillers (up to 6 months) it is not permanent. Fat grafting corrects “tear trough” deformity and rejuvenates the area but doesn’t stop natural aging processes.

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